Photo by my 5-year-old publicist.

Scott Kenshin Unrein (b. 1976, Portland, Oregon), whose music Fluid Radio called, “...beautifully rich ambiences, like radio signals from real or imagined elsewheres," lives in Oregon and works on the boundaries of vertical time and liminality, texture and landscape, finding the warmth and lyricism in his interpretation of postminimal sound.

Performances and commissions include works for the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes, R. Andrew Lee, Third Angle Ensemble, Bowling Green New Music & Art Festival, newEar, Ad Hoc Ensemble, the Ocian Trio, and ArtsWest.

His works are published via redbirdsong workshop and available directly on his website. His music is recorded on Irritable Hedgehog, redbirdsong workshop, and through independent releases.


Nice things people have said

"beautifully nostalgic"
- Contemplative Classical

"...elegant, gorgeous, and richly rewarding."
- David McIntire

"Throughout this short album Unrein discloses feelings and intentions with perceptible sincerity; subterfuges are totally absent. Amidst the countless postures of man’s unnatural attitude, sometimes it’s nice to recall the basics of simple listening – and, why not, living."
- Touching Extremes

"I forgot how stupidly beautiful @scottu's "bird-drawn in the sky of light" is."
- R. Andrew Lee

"[Others, such as] Scott Unrein, transform the location material into beautifully rich ambiences, like radio signals from real or imagined elsewheres."
- Nathan Thomas (Fluid Radio)

"We’ve got Scott Unrein, the Harold Budd of the Pacific Northwest..."
- Kyle Gann

"Hey, dad. You write really good music. I didn't think it was going to be that good, but it really is."
- my six-year-old son