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Scott Unrein: down the sky they sing (RBS 002) 

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Pre-order: May 11, 2018

Release date: May 18, 2018

Contact Info and Links

email: scott@scottunrein.org
phone/text (not for public release): 503.989.8341
twitter: @scottu
web: redbirdsong.comscottunrein.org


Scott Kenshin Unrein (b. 1976, Portland, Oregon), whose music Fluid Radio called, “...beautifully rich ambiences, like radio signals from real or imagined elsewheres," lives in Oregon and works on the boundaries of vertical time and liminality, texture and landscape, finding the warmth and lyricism in his interpretation of postminimal sound.

Performances and commissions include works for the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes, R. Andrew Lee, Third Angle Ensemble, Bowling Green New Music & Art Festival, newEar, Ad Hoc Ensemble, the Ocian Trio, and ArtsWest. From 2005-2011 he hosted the popular podcast NonPop. His works are published via redbirdsong workshop and available directly on his website (scottunrein.org). His music is recorded on Irritable Hedgehog, redbirdsong workshop, and through independent releases.

Release Summary

This studio EP is the first release from redbirdsong workshop. The record label is intended for my most intimately conceived projects and ideas; just me in the studio working it out.

'A Rising Space' is my first studio EP and is a quiet meditation on fatherhood, memory, and uncertain times. David McIntire of Irritable Hedgehog called the album, "elegant, gorgeous, and richly rewarding."

Initial availability will be on Bandcamp and followed soon by iTunes. If demand is sufficiently strong there will be a limited vinyl run of 100 copies.


I look at what I write as quiet, meditative music floating on the cusp of ambient and 21st century chamber music. I aim to create landscapes of memory. I'm a fierce advocate of music as an aural and emotional experience and I try to create works which convey something that has a lasting impression on the listener. I am inspired by music that follows the pulse of human breath, rather than a steady metronomic grid, or, that allows individual perception to dictate pulse and organization.

Much of my notated work is written in a way that it is impossible to repeat the music exactly from performance to performance. Recordings then become merely a document of a single point in time.

The threshold perceptions of memory and time are the forms that I am excited by and desire to create. Concepts in weather, geology, and cosmology often provide many seed ideas in exploring texture and gradualness as an over-arching aesthetic. I don't believe that complexity in itself is a desirable end and I am often drawn to powerfully 'simple' musical ideas that does not feel compelled to fill the voids to validate itself.


Nice things people have said

"...elegant, gorgeous, and richly rewarding."
David McIntire (Irritable Hedgehog)

"I forgot how stupidly beautiful @scottu's "bird-drawn in the sky of light" is."
R. Andrew Lee

"[Others, such as] Scott Unrein, transform the location material into beautifully rich ambiences, like radio signals from real or imagined elsewheres."
Nathan Thomas (Fluid Radio)

"We’ve got Scott Unrein, the Harold Budd of the Pacific Northwest..."
Kyle Gann




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