canto de las campanadas a medianoche (in progress)
piano and fixed media.

Milky Way: Breath 01 (2014)
looped music.
collaboration with Mihoko Ogaki

Nacre (2014)
samples and field recordings. 12 min.
collaboration with Nat Evans for his 'Music for a Very Long Walk' project
released on Nat Evans: The Tortoise

Datemaki (2013)
seven-channel video, animation loops with looped music.
Collaboration with Masaharu Sato.

The Putney Cascade (2011)
fixed media. 27 min.
released on The Putney Project, Vol. 1, Irritable Hedgehog

Anne (2009)
archive film, archive sound, synthesis and processing. 4 min.

Simcha (2006)
fixed media. 14 min.