it was the beautiful night that came in the water (in progress)

flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello

monohara (2018)

string sextet. 14'

The title has transliterations in two languages. In Japanese, it's a reference to a distinctive ceramic brushwork technique. In Hindi, the word means "beautiful, alluring." I like both.


A low soft sound, a quiet wind (2017)

bass clarinet, trumpet, cello, upright bass, kick and snare. 18'

Dedicated to the fellows of the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes and their Silo City sessions in Buffalo, NY. Silo City is a complex of turn-of-the century grain silos and industrial buildings converted to arts and performance spaces. The silos have massive 30-45 second reverb times which make for a rare acoustic environment.


Slow Stars (2009)

Commission / Ad Hoc Ensemble
clarinet, wine glasses, vibraphone, celesta, piano, strings. 15'

How Long The Night (2004)

any decaying keyboard(s). 6'