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Small Ensembles

A low soft sound, a quiet wind (in progress)
bass clarinet, trumpet, upright bass.

Arca (in progress)
string quartet.

light years
mallets, mandolin, piano, cello. 12 min.

Madras Rainbows (2012)
flute, electric guitar, violin, cello. 10 min.

Cafuné (2010)
crotales, vibraphone, marimba. 7 min.

Slow Stars (2009)
clarinet, wine glasses, vibraphone, celesta, piano, violins, cellos. 15 min.

A Polaroid of Snow (2008)
felted piano, electric guitar, cello. 10 min.

Ocian (2006)
alto saxophone, violin, piano. 10 min.

alto saxophone, marimba, Fender rhodes. 12 min.