corollaria (2018)

string quartet. 10'
(contact me for score)

I wanted to be an oceanographer when I was a kid and the oceans continue to fascinate me. Scientists discovered only a few years ago that part of the reasons for spiral patterning in sea snail shells is a lopsided protein gradient which produces the coiling asymmetry in an overlapping pattern of growth. Nassaria corollaria is a particularly beautiful example of this effect.

A low soft sound, a quiet wind (2017)

bass clarinet, trumpet, upright bass, kick and snare. 18'

Dedicated to the fellows of the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes and their Silo City sessions in Buffalo, NY. Silo City is a complex of turn-of-the century grain silos and industrial buildings converted to arts and performance spaces. The silos have massive 30-45 second reverb times which make for a rare acoustic environment.

Arca (2017)

string quartet. 18'
(contact me for score)

light years (2016)

Commission / newEar
mallets, piano, mandolin, cello. 12'

To my dear wife, Misty. My minutes, hours, and years are light with you.

Madras Rainbows (2012)

flute, electric guitar, violin, cello. 10'
(contact me for score)

Around Madras, Oregon there are farming fields that must be irrigated constantly for crops to grow in the high desert. The massive sprinkler systems kick up water vapor into the sky which is carried by the winds and creates endless fields of rainbows as you drive along the highway.

Cafuné (2010)

crotales, vibraphone, marimba. 7'

A Polaroid of Snow (2008)

felted piano, electric guitar, cello, double bass, field recording. 10'
(contact me for score)

Ocian (2006)

Commission / Jesse Dochnahl
alto saxophone, violin, piano. 10'
(contact me for score)

Imanaka (2003)

alto saxophone, marimba, Fender rhodes. 12'