if you look up you can see the stars (in progress)

piano. duration: the elapsed time between the civil twilight of dusk and dawn (in a given location and time).

Lake Eden (2017)

two pianos. 8'

Lake Eden is on the campus of the former Black Mountain College. Dedicated to my friend Andy Lee.

Warm Chromatic (2017)

piano. 12'
(contact me for score)

Warm Chromatic is not a musical reference, but about color. ‘Lilting' is the over-arching character I’d use to describe it. All of the rhythmic changes are fairly intricate and every ‘repetition’ is explicitly notated, so for me it’s a ton of pages in a 12 minute work.

breathe (2017)

viola. 3'

dandy dandylion elephant tiger polar bear (2013)

cello. 5'

I asked my 3 year-old son for a title. I got a title.

bird-drawn in the sky of light (2012)

piano. 28'