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Scores and parts available from the store link above.

Small Ensembles

A low soft sound, a quiet wind (in progress)
bass clarinet, trumpet, upright bass.

Arca (in progress)
string quartet.

light years
mallets, mandolin, piano, cello. 12 min.

Madras Rainbows (2012)
flute, electric guitar, violin, cello. 10 min.

Cafuné (2010)
crotales, vibraphone, marimba. 7 min.

Slow Stars (2009)
clarinet, wine glasses, vibraphone, celesta, piano, violins, cellos. 15 min.

A Polaroid of Snow (2008)
felted piano, electric guitar, cello. 10 min.

Ocian (2006)
alto saxophone, violin, piano. 10 min.

alto saxophone, marimba, Fender rhodes. 12 min.



if you look up you can see the stars (in progress)
piano. duration: the elapsed time between civil dusk and dawn (in a given location and time).

Warm Chromatic (2017)
piano. 12 min.

breathe (2017)
viola. 3 min.

dandy dandylion elephant tiger polar bear 

cello. 5 min.

bird-drawn in the sky of light
piano. 28 min.

Never Florence Nightingale (2009)
piano. 5 min.

How Long The Night (2004)
any decaying keyboard(s). 6 min.


Orchestra/Large Ensembles

above a September cloud (in progress)
for large orchestra
(2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 1 bsn, 4 hn, 3 tpt, 3 tbn, tba, timp, 2 perc, 2 hp, 2 pno, strings).

Arca Wind (2016)
for string orchestra
(strings minimum 6-6-4-4-3). 6 min.

enough light to find your way (2013)
for string orchestra
(2 hp, 2 pno, strings minimum 6-6-4-4-3). 12 min.



canto de las campanadas a medianoche (in progress)
piano and fixed media.

Milky Way: Breath 01 (2014)
looped music.
collaboration with Mihoko Ogaki

Nacre (2014)
samples and field recordings. 12 min.
Collaboration with Nat Evans for his Music for a Very Long Walk project and released on Nat Evans: The Tortoise in August 2015.

Datemaki (2013)
seven-channel video, animation loops with looped music.
Collaboration with Masaharu Sato.

The Putney Cascade (2011)
fixed media. 27 min.
available on The Putney Project, Vol. 1, Irritable Hedgehog

Anne (2009)
archive film, archive sound, synthesis and processing. 4 min.

Simcha (2006)
fixed media. 14 min.

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Music for Tauris (2014)
sound design and video projections.
Collaboration with playwright Sarah Moon and the Planet Connections Festival in NYC.

Scenes from The Chalk Circle (2004)
fragments of a chamber opera. ca. 20 min.
Daugherty Dance Theatre in Eugene, OR.

Arcadia (2002)
sound design.
ArtsWest Theatre, Seattle WA.

A Bright Room Called Day (1999)
sound design.
Norton Clapp Theatre, Tacoma WA.

Antigone (1999)
live music and sound design.
Norton Clapp Theatre, Tacoma WA.